Nadya Suleman Confirms Plans for TV Show

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Enjoying an afternoon outing, Nadya Suleman was spotted taking a few of her 14 kids out shopping at the CM School Supply Educational Emporium yesterday (April 14) in Fullerton, California.

“Octomom” also made sure to make stops at Starbucks and Carl’s Jr for some energy and nourishment before returning home. Unfortunately it looks like Miss Suleman may need a little more attention to detail, as one of her kids looked to be riding without a seatbelt.

In related news, Nadya has finally confirmed that she plans to do a television show with her massive family. She told press, “Yes, it is official. I’m going to be doing a show, but it’s not a reality show.”

She continued, “What I’m doing with this TV show is basically creating documentaries about the lives of my children. It’s going to be an ongoing thing, and it will follow them from now until they are 18. It’s being done by Eyeworks; they’re in the UK. It will air in the UK and then we’ll see if the US is interested.”

Suleman added, “The producers will come here to film six times a year. They’ll come by and take some footage and then they’ll go. They won’t be invading my life or my children’s lives… It will give me the opportunity to have incredible home movies that, believe me, I don’t have the time to make myself. Having this documentary crew allows me to focus on raising my children and still have great movies of them.”