Lindsay Lohan Avoids the Danger Zone

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lindsay Lohan has finally realized she needs to avoid "those people" ... the ones creating massive temptation ... so say confidants of LiLo, who spoke with TMZ.

We're told Lindsay is spending the long weekend with a close friend by the beach in Venice, CA. As one friend put it, "She needs to get away from that scene ... and she knows it."

But it's not just the Hollywood clubs that create the danger of relapse. "The people who hang around her are such moochers, and bad energy," says one friend, adding, "she needs to cut them out and I think that's what she's starting to realize."

As for what Lindsay is doing, we're told a lot of sleeping, watching TV and movies. And shopping. Interesting ... more than one person says she desperately needs sleep.

The people we've spoken with say it's definitely too early to tell, but Lindsay had at least temporarily turned a corner and is healthier than she's been "in a long time."