Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt: Leaving London

Friday, April 17, 2009

They’ve had a wonderful time in the English capital city, but this morning (April 17) Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt said goodbye to London as they arrived at the airport.

The “Simple Life” hottie and her hunky beau looked joyful as they made their way to Heathrow International Airport, with Paris sporting a British Union Jack hat as she toted her signature Paris Hilton handbag.

Earlier in the morning, Paris and Doug were hounded by paparazzi as they left their swanky hotel, both looking a bit worn out.

Perhaps their fatigue was from their evening out the night before, where they stayed out until 6:30am visiting hotspots like The Double Club, the Wellington Club, and Raffles nightclub as well as a private party in Mayfair.