Jennifer Aniston: Furious with John Mayer?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spending the day working on her new movie, Jennifer Aniston offered up a smile while filming "The Baster" in New York City on Tuesday (April 21).

And while the former "Friends" starlet appeared to be in high spirits, recent rumors tell that Jen is "furious" with ex-beau John Mayer as a result of him calling her "needy".

According to a tabloid insider, “John’s been recording in a studio and coming on to almost every woman in the vicinity. He goes on and on to these women about how clingy and needy Jen is. He says that when they got back together after their first breakup last August, it was agreed she would back off on the smothering."

The source adds, “When someone tries to change the subject, he goes back to Jennifer, claiming she was so emotionally dependent and demanding that he couldn’t take it. Jen ended it with John because of his wandering eye blabbing about their love life, putting career before love - and refusing to live full time with her or put an engagement ring on her finger. In the end, his immaturity was just too much for her.”