Amy Winehouse horsing around in St. Lucia

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Enjoying her return to the Caribbean, Amy Winehouse was in high spirits as she vacationed in St Lucia on Saturday afternoon (April 4).

The “Rehab singer took a walk along the beach before horseback riding with friends - also going back in the bushes where she appeared to be enjoying the company of an unknown suitor.

On related news, rumor has it that Amy is actually back in St Lucia eyeing up a $5 million villa on the island that’s grown so close to her heart.

A source tells Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper, “Amy has instructed lawyers to draw up contracts with the developers and everything is set for her to buy it. But a few days ago (her dad) Mitch stepped in and said he wasn’t sure. He’s worried about the possible distractions of drugs and partying on the island.”

The insider added, “But Amy says it’s better for her to be out there than in London. She has managed to get off hard drugs in St Lucia and is living a much healthier lifestyle.”

Enjoy the pictures of Amy Winehouse horseback riding in St Lucia (April 4).